Words from our great patients

Bob B. 2020

“Dr. Younker performs miracles. Well, at least in my opinion. With significant degenerative disk disease in my lower back and neck, I found myself unable to work out, enjoy a walk, and was having difficulty driving. After our consultation, Dr. Younker developed a personalized treatment plan for me. I began to see improvement right away and soon returned to the gym, my workouts, and can drive without pain. I wasn’t sure that would ever happen. His staff has always treated me with care and respect, the environment is healing, and the results have been life changing. I have been able to engage with and enjoy life again.”

S.M. 2019

“I started seeing Dr. Younker for chronic and increasing neck pain that I have been experiencing for over 15 years. The pain was so bad that it would make m forehead spasm and would last up to three weeks a month or so. Over the last two years, my neck issues have worsened. I tried physical therapy, but that only gave me temporary relief. It took only one treatment from Dr. Younker for me to feel better. Dr. Younker was understanding, and the staff was pleasant. Chiropractic care worked for me, and I am so happy and relieved.”

Daniel W. 2018

“I had been experiencing lower back pain for about three months and really suffered being on my feet, especially when walking. I was referred to Dr. Younker through the VA. The office staff was very professional, friendly, and treated me with excellence. Since seeing Dr. Younker, my pain has improved, and I am able to be more active.”

John M. 2018

“I had been suffering from debilitating and overwhelming pain for years. It affected my sleep and work. I was not able to enjoy any physical activity. After seeing Dr. Younker, I can now start to do things again I would not have considered a few months ago. The staff is courteous, polite, and professional. I highly recommend Peak Performance and Dr. Younker. Thank you, Peak Performance!”

Happy Patient 2018

“Over two months of no headaches! I never had a week in my life where I didn’t have to take pain meds! Don’t be skeptical. It really works!”

Happy Patient 2012

“I suffered for many years with electrical shocks from my hip to my ankle. After seeing Dr. Younker, the pain is gone, and I am able to do activities that I could not do before the treatment. I received excellent care from the staff, and I am grateful that I am doing well with no drugs or surgery.”

Kathy 2011

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was having cortisone shots every four to six months and still had extreme pain in between. My doctor was recommending surgery, but I did not see that as a viable option. So, I decided to go to Dr. Younker. With the adjustments, detox treatments, massage, and nutritional supplements, I am now off all pain medications and feel better than I have in five years.”

Donald W. 2016

“I have received excellent care from Dr. Younker and his staff. The pain in my knees and hips has been dramatically reduced. Since my work requires me to stand on a hard tile floor for eight hours a day, this relief is important to my well-being! Thank you.”

Jodi M. 2010

“Dr. Younker counseled me thoroughly and set a treatment plan once he examined by X-rays. His care has been thorough, gentle, and compassionate. My pain has been reduced to minimal, and the swelling is gone. I am able to walk and move with comparatively no pain. The staff have been friendly and accommodating at every turn.”

Susan N. 2014

“After only fifteen treatments, all of my pain is gone. Chiropractic works. I will continue to see Dr. Younker.”

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